Director CSECD DIRECTOR'S WORD: Making a difference


One of the aspects of the work we do in Kibanda that gives the most hope and encouragement is the constantly growing number of young people who come to share in our work.

Each year we welcome young men and women to our community in Brussels.
They live and work here for a few weeks and get to know about the mission we carry out on behalf of the poorest of the poor.

They want to be part of our efforts, and many of them go on mission to Africa and elsewhere.
There, they experience the realities of what it means to be poor, to live, work, play and pray with the people who are poorer than they are.
They learn from these experiences and all of them agree that they receive more than they can ever give.

This issue of Kibanda #51 is dedicated to these young people who also have been an inspiration to us older missionaries.

They are the future of mission, they can make a real difference, not only for the people they meet, but also in the communities they come from in Europe.

Very soon I will hand over to my successor as director, Fr. Philippe Engel, from France, and I know he will experience your support just as I always have.

Brendan Smyth, C.S.Sp.